Thesis - Part I

3 Jan 2017

Three months have passed since I started again and I have to say, it’s been fine. Everything is new, but some things haven’t changed. Writing is still hard as hell, even more in English, and it happens to be that I have to write a 60-to-90-pages thesis for getting my master’s degree.

About six months ago I decided to get better at writing. The plan always has been “write at least something every week”: a blog post online, a short story nobody ever is going to read, w h a t e v e r. Couldn’t make it. And the reasons?

There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you’ve got…

Anyway, since I have to write for real, it could be a good idea to upload some of my work here and kill two birds with one shot stone. I’ll try to write something every now and then.